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10m Arch roof Trailer stage

Guide price £2000 including installation, handrails, 2 x steps

This is our largest trailer stage for hire! 10m x 6m Trailer arc roof stage (which can be extended to 8.4m at the front). This Alspaw trailer stage needs no balast at wind speeds of up to 80kmph. This fantastic trailer stage has a stage floor height of 1.5m making it an intimidating stage and perfect for larger audiences of unto 5000 people. Stage is available with solid black sheets, or scrim sheets. Most people will chose to have the PA hanging towers installed, this makes the overall length of the stage approx 14m. There is also the option to have full cowsheds installed, which can be used as green room or technical areas. If needed these can have a stage floor built into them to allow even greater versatility, and are perfect for installing rolling risers etc.

This stage can be installed in a little over an hour by two people, and has the added advantage of being available with PA hanging towers and green room/technical areas on either side if required. If needed for more than one day then the day rate is reduced for day 2 onwards.

Height Apex height: 6.1m
Stage height: 1.5m
Rigging time: 60 min
Stage width: 10m
Stage depth: 6m
Maximum loading: 1600kg
Flying towers loading: 500kg

Useful information
Day 2 is charged at 50% or day one, Day 3 is charged at 30% of Day 1

PA flying towers £500 (for total installation period)
Technical areas (2m x 6m on either side) £1000 (for total installation period)


Yeatsall farm, abbots bromley, Rugeley Staffordshire, WS15 3DY